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Portable AC Rentals For Tents & More

Portable AC rentals for tents in miami

Rent A Portable Air Conditioner!

Ideal for cooling large areas like enclosed Tents, Offices, Restaurants, Weddings, Church Events, School Events, Warehouses and more.

Quick set up for emergency cooling.

 Unventilated outdoor activities and much more…

evaporative spot cooler outdoor AC rentals

Evaporative Spot Coolers AC Rentals

Cools an area up to 4,000 square feet!

Approximately 50% less expensive and 75% lower energy consumption of the equivalent capacity portable air conditioner.

Standard automatic shut-off prevents pump damage in case of low water levels, further extending the life of the unit.

All models have large built in water reservoir for standalone use and can be connected to a garden hose for continuous use.

A/C Rental Starting at $199.99 (per unit)

portable breezer AC rentals in miami

Air Breezer AC Rentals

Great for cooling applications in hotels, resorts, restaurants, events, outdoor venues, pools, and patios.

Cools up to 3,000 sq ft

Extremely Quiet

Make your outdoor space useable and profitable

Keeps area cool and dry.  Works off of evaporative cooling technology.

A/C Rental Starting at $224.99 (per unit)

outdoor generator rentals in miami

Portable Trailer Generator Rentals

Generator Rentals from 20KW to 2 Megawatts

American Portable Air provides a large selection of generators to meet any specific power need.  From 20KW to 2 Megawatts.

We also offer a wide range of panel boxes, transformers and cable related items to compliment our generator packages.

portable light tower

Portable Light Tower Rentals

Excellent for illuminating large events through the night. Concerts, carnivals, gatherings and more.

Light Towers give you the ability to celebrate no matter what the time your event finishes

Small unit to keep event area free of cluster

Portable AC rentals for tents in miami

Rent A Tent With Air Conditioning In Miami

Host your event outdoors inside of a cooled Tent Rental.

With a portable Air Conditioning Unit, Golden Moments & Events is able to cover any tent rental with the proper amount of sidewalls and air conditioning required for the area inside of the tent.

Often Booked With Our Air Conditioner Rentals

bistro lights for tent rentals in miami

Tent Rentals

Tents Starting at $199.99

Call Today! (305) 614-1651

outdoor patio heater rentals

Patio Heater Rentals

Patio Heaters Starting at $174.99

Call Today! (305) 614-1651

Standing Fan Rentals

Pedestal Fans Starting at $124.99

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Get Started On An AC Quote Today!