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Dance Floor Pool Covers & Staging

Pool Covers – Dance Floors – Staging

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Our Solution

Our Pool Cover Dance Floors bring you the opportunity to convert your pool area into the venue of your dreams. Say goodbye to venue terms, time restrictions, and location deposits. Say hello to an unforgettable celebration!

Every Pool Cover Is Unique

Our Pool Cover experts tailor a high quality safe structure design specific to your pool area. Our pool cover structures are design to support dozens of guests, tables & chairs, tents, live bands and much more!

Our Process


Gathering Information

Share your celebration ideas with us! Send us the basic information of your event via our Pool Cover Quote Form


Walk Through

After all of the details of your event have been received, our pool cover experts inspect your pool to ensure everything is ready to go for set up day!


Time To Work!

Our Pool Cover Experts and the team will arrive days in advance to set up and secure your pool cover dance floor prior to your event date.


Celebration Time

Enjoy your unique experience with your guests and our Pool Cover Dance Floor!

Pool Cover Dance Floor Options

plexiglass dance floor pool cover rental

Standard Plexi Glass Dance Floor Pool Cover

Achieve a “glow from below” with our clear plexi glass pool cover. Have your guests dance over the beautiful lights of your pool through the night.

Starting at $8.49 sqft.

pool cover dance floor run way rentals

Pool Cover Staging

Our staging brings you an elevated platform for musicians, guest speakers and ceremonies can be seen and enjoyed at a great distance.

Starting at $12.49 sqft.

pool cover dance floor with green carpet turf

Green Carpet Floor Pool Cover

Give your event a fresh summer time feel with our green carpet pool cover. Great for any event during the daytime!

Starting at $5.49 sqft.

black carpet pool cover dance floor

Carpet Dance Floor Pool Cover

Our carpet pool cover offers a unique style of elegance with a smooth felt top over a hard sub flooring. Excellent for cocktail events or occasions with tables and chairs. 

Starting at $4.49 sqft.

Satisfied Customers

Surface Dance Floor Rentals

Keep in Mind that Flooring put on Grass requires Sub-Flooring

checkered tiled dance floor rental

Checkered Tile Floor

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white tile wedding dance floor rental

White Tile Dance Floor 

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oak tile dance floor rental

Oak Dance Floor

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black vinyl dance floor rentals in miami

Black Tile Floor

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LED dance floor rentals

LED Dance Floor

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starlight dance floor rental in miami

Starlight Dance Floor 

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vinyl printed customized dance floor rentals

Wrapped Dance Floor

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Staging and Platform Rentals

Dimensions and height of stages are fully customizable to your event needs

Stage Rentals

Width and length fully customizable

runway rentals for fashion shows in miami

Runway Rentals

Width and length fully customizable

red carpet rentals in miami

Red Carpet Rental

Various lengths available

stanchion post rentals in miami

Stanchion Post Rentals

Available in Silver & Gold

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