Elevate Your Dining Experience

Elevate your dining experience with our selection of charger plate rentals, glassware and silverware rentals. Rent from the highest quality plate rentals and enhance the overall aesthetic of your event.

Glassware Rentals

Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, cocktail party or a special event, having unique glassware rentals can ensure a flawless drinking experience for you and your guests. Elevate your event with our glassware rentals and toast to an unforgettable celebration.

Wine Glass

(Case of 25)

Champagne Glass

(Case of 36)

Water Glass

(Case Of 25)


Highball Glass

(Case Of 36)

Rock Glass

(Case Of 25)

Charger Plate Rentals

Choose from classic and timeless designs to unique patterns, our charger plate rentals bring your table setup an elevated visual appeal. Create a luxurious ambiance to your special event with our charger plate rentals.

whicker charger plate rental for weddings

Whicker Charger Plate

(Case of 10)

Gold Charger Plate

(Case of 10)

rose gold charger for weddings

Rose Gold Charger

(Case Of 10)

rent a silver charger

Silver Charger Plate

(Case Of 10)

royal blue charger for events

Blue Charger Plate

(Case Of 10)

Plate Rentals

Rent from a variety of styles when it comes to plate ware. Suitable for weddings, birthdays, corporate events or special celebrations, our plate rentals are sure to bring a stunning presentation for your culinary creation.

rent a dinner plate in miami

White Dinner Plate 10.5″

(Case of 10)

dessert plates for weddings

White Dessert Plate 6.5″

(Case Of 10)

rent plain white bowls for events

White Soup Bowl 35oz.

(Case Of 10)

Flatware Rentals

Select the style of flatware your table setting needs. Bring your overall table decor together with our sleek and contemporary flatware options available for weddings, dinners, or private celebration.

silverware rentals in miami

Silver Utensil Rentals

Silver Fork Rentals – (Case Of 10 each)

Silver Spoon Rentals –(Case Of 10 each)

Silver Knife Rentals – (Case Of 10 each)

gold utensil rentals in miami weddings

Gold Utensil Rentals

Gold Fork Rentals – (Case Of 10 each)

Gold Spoon Rentals – (Case Of 10 each)

Gold Knife Rentals – (Case Of 10 each) 

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